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The Future of Manufacturing: Industry 4.0

October 10, 2022 Thressea H. Boyd, Host
South Georgia Insider
The Future of Manufacturing: Industry 4.0
Show Notes

In this podcast, Joshua Whittington, assistant dean of Technical and Instructional Programs at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, explains Industry 4.0 and its impact on local manufacturing.

From the introduction of mechanization through water and steam power, the industrial revolution advanced to mass production and assembly lines, and then the adoption of computers and automation. Now industry 4.0 takes technology to new levels with autonomous systems and the use of more data.  

What you’ll learn in this podcast: 

· Discover the basics of Industry 4.0 and how it impacts manufacturing innovation.

· Wiregrass Tech introduces an Associate of Applied Science in Industry 4.0 Technology in spring 2023.  Find out how it will positively impact regional manufacturing production and create high-paying, high-demand jobs. 

· Learn how high school students can prepare for Industry 4.0 careers.

· Wiregrass Tech continues to develop innovative solutions for local industries. Find out how mechatronics students helped a local business solve a manufacturing problem and increase productivity. Read the full story in South Georgia Business Magazine.  

· What will the future manufacturing workforce look like? Discover the high-tech, high-demand jobs available for local students now and in the future. 

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