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Legislative Talk with Rep. John LaHood

January 20, 2021 Thressea H. Boyd, Host Season 2 Episode 4
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Legislative Talk with Rep. John LaHood
Show Notes

In this episode, we talk with Rep. John LaHood, District 175, who was first elected to the  Georgia House in a special election in February 2018. He has served on numerous committees, including Health & Human Services, Human Relations & Aging, Game, Fish & Parks, and Information and Audits. 

When he's not busy attending to Georgia's legislative matters, LaHood is serving as owner and president of Fellowship Home

In this episode, we discuss the 2020 vision, what happened when Georgia's legislative session was temporarily suspended in March due to COVID-19, and what happened when they returned several months later. Then a look forward at this year's session: What has COVID-19 shed light on, and how have state priorities shifted.

2020 Session

As a member of the Human Relations & Aging Committee, LaHood worked on several issues dealing with senior care reform. Based on the findings from an AJC seven-part investigative report on senior living facilities in Georgia.  

After returning to the State Capitol, LaHood said COVID-19's response was a top priority. 

LaHood said, "A crisis like this pandemic accelerates the inevitable." Some of those issues include broadband and healthcare."

 LaHood said balancing the budget was another big concern. At the start of the 2020 session, Gov. Kemp was asking state agencies for 4 percent cuts. Due to COVID, the state legislators discussed possible 14 percent cuts and ended with about 9 percent state cuts. 

2021 Legislative Session

Returning to the 2021 Legislative Session, LaHood said the "hot topics" will include: budget, election reform, and broadband.

LaHood talked about population shifts (in response to the 2020 Census) and anticipated Georgia would lose some legislative voice as redistricting occurs. 

Join us next time as we continue to highlight why South Georgia is a great place to live, work, and play.

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